Premiere | Matthew Check – Sometimes a Woman

Single art; photo by Shervin Lainez

Matthew Check is as much an everyman as he is a chameleon. Throughout his long-standing career, the singer-songwriter has slipped into bluegrass clothes and Americana duds; he’s written Jewish music, children’s music, and music for just about anyone. You might know him from his recently lauded duo project, Joanie & Matt, too. What makes Check’s portfolio so impressive isn’t quite so much its diversity, nor its quantity, but how he tackles each project with the same heart on his sleeve. Case in point: ‘Sometimes a Woman’, the latest tune released from his upcoming solo work, The November Album.

The LP is suitably being released in—you guessed it—November, on the 5th. Prior to this, ‘Sometimes a Woman’ drops on 21 October, with For Folk’s Sake bearing the honor of its premiere today. Check’s soulful vocals yearn on the ballad as piano, as well as acoustic guitar, percussion, and harmonica, make for a cool, folksy backdrop. It’s a fairly relatable tune, with Check reflecting on recent relationships gone south. He finds captivation in the autobiographical. Being honest is his greatest trait; perhaps he’s been caught on to that for a while, or maybe he just needs to let it all out regardless. Or, maybe it’s both.

Either way, ‘Sometimes a Woman’ is a heart-rending track, and a standout release for the artist. Its warm soul reminds of Ray LaMontagne while a slight touch of the keys might even recall Billy Joel; Check is showing, once again, that he’s a songwriter’s songwriter.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm