Premiere | Melissa Bel – Can’t Go Home

Awash in lo-fi reverb and the drone of a synthetic bass, Melissa Bel’s spin on country through ‘Can’t Go Home’ comes in abundantly modern light. At its crescendo, the country-pop tune is set aflame with a searing culmination of organic instrumentation and production magic alike. Her vocals are gorgeous vintage roots, gritty and earthen with a rock flare. Throughout, Bel soars, commanding the folk-tinged song with stunning, star-like authority.

‘Can’t Go Home’ was produced by Joseph Cross (The Courtneers) and releases on 29 May. On the tune, Bel says, “This song is a fantasy about running away and leaving your troubles behind when your world is changing in ways you can’t control or understand. It’s about the urge to escape, all the while knowing you can’t outrun your demons forever.”

Words by: Jonathan Frahm