Premiere | Dogwood Tales – Riding Horses / There Goes the Light

Since their debut LP, Too Hard to Tell, dropped in early 2018, Dogwood Tales’ Kyle Grim and Ben Ryan have been writing, recording, and playing music from their home-base in Harrisonburg, VA and beyond near-endlessly. They initially followed up their debut with a vinyl-exclusive bonus cut of their fan favorite tune, ‘Riding Horses’, produced by Adrian Olsen at Montrose Records.

Now, however, Dogwood Tales feels apt to release the tune in all of its glory to digital formats today, 19 July. It’s releasing like a true 7”, b-side and all, with all-new tune ‘There Goes the Light’ in tow, recorded by Erik Romero. The two tracks play well off of one another’s strong sides, both producing wistful guitar-centric melodies and sweetly nostalgic harmonies that stick in your mind like glue.

Dogwood Tales is dropping the release of ‘Riding Horses’ / ‘There Goes the Light’ amidst an active touring season, with more September and October dates to be announced soon. Throughout autumn, they intend to release other double singles in the same vein.

Visit Songlink to find every place that you can stream and download ‘Riding Horses’ / ‘There Goes the Light’.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm