Premiere | Borza – True to You

Photo courtesy of Sarah Wagner PR

Born in London and raised in Qu├ębec with a Persian background, Borza’s multifarious roots have all brought him back to the same base of connecting music to a synergistic spirituality. Labeling himself purely as a human representative of the earth, his ultimate goal is simply to help others find healing in music. A forthcoming LP is set to put this goal into motion with the help of producer Malcolm Burn (Bob Dylan, Iggy Pop) who, working with Borza, has helped the artist to unearth his equally-as-multifarious artistic identity. Somewhere between the realms of indie pop, folk, and reggae, Borza sets forth to heal the world.

‘True to You’ is an ebullient folk-reggae crossover that sees Borza reminding us to unwind and take it easy. “This track would be contribution to try to help us to not get upset as much as possible, many of us do with the stress that our societies can create in our lives,” he says. “Many people seem to be on a short fuse, this song would be a reminder to try to take it easy no matter the situation, because the more upset we get, the sadder it actually is.”

Words by: Jonathan Frahm