Album premiere | Tanbark – Tanbark

Laurel Canyon revivalists rejoice, for Tanbark are back with their second album. The duo, formed of Chloe Nelson and James Jannicelli, follow up 2014’s Write Soon with a self-titled sophomore released this week. It may be five years since their last record but they’ve been busy in the meantime. A band that began as a long-distance writing project when Nelson was studying in London and Jannicelli was working in the Twin Cities has since relocated full-time to New York and found new elements to their sound.

Where their debut had a strong feel of Neil Young-esque folk, all acoustic guitars and swirling pedal steel, Tanbark hits you straight away with a fuller sound on the piano-driven ‘Promise To Send’ and ‘Châtelet’. Those that fell for the sound of their debut will be seduced again by the likes of ‘Worth The Charm’ and ‘Steal The Heart’ but this album marks another step forward stylistically. Nelson’s distinctive vocals float over rich arrangements put together with the aid of engineer and musician Sam Owens (Cass McCombs, Blonde Redhead).

The album is released on Friday, but you can listen to the whole thing early right here.