Video Premiere | We Are The Northern Lights – Where Your Heart Is

Comprised of Hadar Orshalimy and Sheldon Low, We Are the Northern Lights describe themselves as indie folk-pop with a soul. A bit of a mouthful at first as it may be, it’s also perfectly indicative of the cross-section that the duo inhabits—somewhere between the likes of Jason Mraz and the Lumineers. Every beat in their step is defined by a charming lilt that embraces the foundations of roots music and appeals to the heart inside of all of our chests.

This much couldn’t be any more true than with their new single, ‘Where Your Heart Is’, or its accompanying music video. Filmed at Thomas Jefferson Park in Harlem, NY, the combined audiovisual experience firstly, of course, gives their audience another chance to pay their ears’ attention to a wistful arrangement featuring the duo’s heartening and sweet vocals as guitars and ukulele swirl around them. Honing in specifically on the video itself, it’s like a snapshot out of Orshalimy and Low’s life, as the two attest in statements to For Folk’s Sake.

Orshalimy says, “When we met, Sheldon told me he was going to wait three days before he called me! That was the stupidest thing I’d ever heard, so 3 days later when he finally called, I told him so.”

Sheldon replies, “Yeah, these days it sounds pretty stupid to me too. But it was really refreshing because it was so straightforward and honest. And that’s what ‘Where Your Heart Is’ is all about…no pretending. No games. Just being honest with yourself, being honest in your relationships, and not being afraid to let your guard down to take a leap of faith.”

Words by: Jonathan Frahm (@jfrahm_)