Video Premiere | Alex Weksler – Who Will Save Your Soul

Alex Weksler seems to have a knack for inhabiting a musical space with an indomitable heart. Don’t let the ‘pop’ in the New York-based singer-songwriter’s folk-pop affairs fool you; like Shawn Colvin and the Indigo Girls before her, the world in which Weksler inhabits is full of storyteller’s soul. Her wispy, sweet vocals offer an idiosyncratic flip to arrangements of even the most well-loved numbers, case-in-point being her rendition of Jewel’s ‘Who Will Save Your Soul’. Following the release of six impressive originals in 2017’s Air EP, it’s another sort of treat entirely to see how the troubadour maneuvers her way through a most lovely cover song.


Weksler tells For Folk’s Sake, “I grew up listening to Jewel and I feel like this song is so applicable to our lives in 2018. Besides the song being beautiful, I think the message is so important as sometimes with social media and differing opinions, the emphasis of a person’s values can be misplaced.”

Words by: Jonathan Frahm (@jfrahm_)