Premiere | Bri Murphy – ‘Wait For Me’

Photo: Anna Haas, Red Hare Photography

Following the release of her album, Things We’d Rather Not Say, earlier this year, Bri Murphy is sharing a poignant live performance of the LP’s leading tune with For Folk’s Sake. ‘Wait For Me’ aches with a yearning that is only tempered by the fullness and the sweetness of which Murphy and her band vibrantly deliver such a longing. The performance itself is of rich contemporary folk, delivered from the heart with no anecdotal or otherwise meandering strings attached. You can see it in Murphy’s eyes as she delivers each lyric with her warm, honeyed vocals—she means it.

Murphy tells us, “‘Wait For Me’ is perhaps the most serendipitous song on Things We’d Rather Not Say. It was penned in half an hour on a Saturday afternoon in Nashville, not long before heading to Pine Hollow in Wisconsin to track the record. When it came together in the studio, I knew it needed a video and that it needed to be done right there. Kyle Lehman is behind the videography, which is meant to capture the music as it was being created. The lyrics came from a broken heart looking hopefully towards the future and a brighter, better love.”

Words by: Jonathan Frahm (@jfrahm_)

Photo by: Anna Haas, Red Hare Photography