Watch | Eric Andersen – Under the Shadows

Screenshot from Vimeo

After decades of sitting out from the spotlight, revered singer-songwriter Eric Andersen shares his first music video. At a spry 75 years of age, Andersen has a world-worn depth in his stride that many folk artists could only hope to culminate. This may be why, throughout his 55 years of songwriting, he’s attracted the likes of Joan Baez, Linda Ronstadt, Bob Dylan, and more to cover his work.

Following the release of a dual-disc Essential release, Andersen is proving to his listening audience that he’s as much a singer as he is a songwriter. This fact pervades his new music video for ‘Under the Shadows’, which prominently features him performing the song with a gentle earnestness that many have come to expect, based on his songwriting. The way that he envelopes his song with a hearth-made warmth, serve well to encapsulate just how natural a storyteller he is, from his poignant vocal delivery to the way each piece of the song’s arrangement serves to accentuate his heartfelt lyricism that much more.

Check out Andersen’s music video below. If you like what you hear, check out The Essential Eric Andersen.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm (@jfrahm_)