Premiere | Daniel Pearson – Until The Sun Comes Up

Three years on from his last full-length record Alone, Together, Daniel Pearson has spent 2018 releasing a string of singles for download. ‘Pieces of a Puzzle’ and ‘Honest Man’ have proved internet hits with over a million streams, and Pearson now returns with a third single, ‘Until The Sun Comes Up’, that sees him changing tack. “The first two singles I put out this year were kind of introspective, restless songs questioning our places in the world,” he said. “’Until The Sun Comes Up’ is more straightforward – it’s a direct song about refusing to take things lying down and never giving up. It’s kind of a call to arms – when walls go up, we’ll climb them. The melodies and music are upbeat but the message is pretty steely and resolute.”

The track is available from today via