Video | Michael P Cullen & the Soul Searchers – Black Dog (Live)

For the uninitiated, Michael P Cullen is an eclectic artist who, much like Cohen and Cave before him, dares to explore the darker edges of Americana to the point that one might be inclined to call it Gothic. Cullen offers his rich baritone vocals to off-kilter yet consummate instrumentation, harmonies, and overall execution to weave his darkly tales with black silk laces of vexation and ambivalence. The way that he slyly slithers his way through the noir themes and throwback performance style of “Black Dog” alongside the Soul Searchers showcase his unusual, individualistic talent that FFS is proud to showcase.

Michael P Cullen and the Soul Searchers’ live album, Live at Lazybones, is coming soon.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm