Premiere | Lesley Kernochan – The Universe

Sweet, heartfelt, and soul-bearing, the music of Lesley Kernochan is quick to fall in love with. With her lilting, storyteller’s vocals spinning a healing yarn against a warm acoustic backdrop, we at For Folk’s Sake certainly have. In our premiere of Kernochan’s ‘The Universe’, the accompanying music video capturing the creation of sand art by Ilana Yahav perfectly encapsulates these lovely traits of Kernochan’s songwriting and compliments them beautifully. Rather than continue speaking of its beauties ourselves, however, we’ll hand the mic on over to Kernochan:

“This song came to me in the middle of the night in a shady motel room after a long hard day,” she says. “I had tried all my tools to come back to a good space but nothing worked until I began to sing the words I needed to hear to calm me down.  Almost instantly I felt better and I was once again amazed by the power of music”

“The sand artist Ilana Yahav seemed like the perfect fit for this song’s video.  I had seen her work and found it fascinating and moving.  She brilliantly captures the story in ‘The Universe’ of the gift of song coming to lift a person’s spirits.”

Lesley Kernochan’s album, A Calm Sun, releases on May 19, 2017.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm