Premiere | Long Tall Jefferson – Pharaoh


Long Tall Jefferson has taken a long road to delivering his debut album. Described as a ‘wanderer by trade’, he’s collected the songs which make up I Want My Honey Back during travels which have seen him living in Berlin, Brussels, Zurich and Leipzig while criss-crossing the roads which wind between them. Along the way he picked up an old 4-track cassette recorder in Berlin and used it to record the nine songs which make up this album, giving it a distinctly analogue feel. The record will be released on Friday, available either on vinyl or on vintage postcards (no, really – they come with a download code, which can be used twice so you can post the album to a friend as a gift). To whet your appetite, we can bring you the premiere of the track ‘Pharaoh’, which was inspired by the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, which became known as the Arab Spring.

For more info on the record, check Long Tall Jefferson’s Bandcamp page here.