Alessi’s gone Christmas Crackers!

Do you know what’s lovely?  Christmas.  And another thing?  Alessi’s Ark.  What if these two things were combined, for one night only, with a sprinkling of Treetop Flyers and a bowl full of Jake Bellows on the side?  You’d cry for joy?  Well then, dear reader, prepare to weep, for that is what you can have on 10th December.

Alessi’s Christmas Crackers show at the Luminaire will also feature comedy from Matt Tiller, and our dear friend Anika will be responsible for ‘Winter Wins’.  We can’t wait to find out what THAT means.  As if all this weren’t enough, there will also be a Secret Santa gift exchange, so everyone leaves with a present (everyone has to bring one too, mind).

Tickets are a meagre £8 and will be available here soon.  December’s looking pretty sparkly already.

Words: Helen True