Record Store Day | RSD 2012 easily the biggest yet

This FFS scribe is still trying to get back on a vaguely regular sleep patten following an all-nighter outside Piccadilly Records but already some of the figures are in for Record Store Day 2012 and it proved to be comfortably the biggest yet.

Vinyl sales were reported up 50% on last year’s event, with a number of individual stores claiming a 100% increase.

Record Store Day took over the physical singles chart, with every record in the top 10 this week an RSD exclusive, while it also accounted for seven of the top 10 vinyl albums last week.

“I can’t believe just how busy RSD was again this year, there were queues round the block with fans both young and old enjoying the unique atmosphere indie stores provide ensuring that RSD has become the date music buyers are marking in their diaries,” said Spencer Hickman, RSD UK’s co-ordinator, and manager of Rough Trade East.

“With vinyl sales again on the rise for the fifth year in a row indie record stores and RSD are proving to be more relevant than ever for the discerning music buyer.”

Alan Jordan of Reflex in Newcastle said, “RSD 2012 was the busiest, most buzzing day in my 30 years selling recorded music. An amazing experience I’m proud to be a part of!”

The first queue in the country began at 11am the day before when a chap turned up at Square Records in Dorset, so we sincerely hope he got everything he wanted.

As for FFS, we got to Piccadilly at 230am, and can happily report we landed every target.

We hope you all had similar success.