News | Communion Records sign Brooklyn-based Gabriel & the Hounds

Gabriel & The Hounds

Communion Records (home to Michael Kiwanuka, Ben Howard and Nathaniel Rateliff) have announced the signing of Gabriel & The Hounds, a Brooklyn-dased band. Their debut album: A Kiss Full of Teeth, is set to be released on 5th March 2012. A small taster of Gabriel & The Hounds can be found here via Communion’s SoundCloud Page.

Kev Jones from Communion said: “We absolutely love this record. The musical pedigree displayed on the album, Gabe’s understated vocals, the songwriting, and the almost Hitchcock-esque orchestral arrangements make for an incredibly rich experience.”
A Kiss Full of Teeth was recorded in assorted garages, living rooms and studios around Brooklyn, but predominantly at The National’s garage studio in Ditmas Park. It is a record that contains the warmth and richness of the orchestra which fills the palette of the album, and Bryan Devendorf (Drums: The National) also plays drums throughout the majority of the tracks on the album. So there you have it.
Keep an eye out for this lot, Communion have never failed to impress….
Words: Ellie Rumbold