News | The Leisure Society to Play ‘Pop Up Session’ with

The Leisure Society.

The Leisure Society, having just finished touring with the lovely Laura Marling, are set to play one of’s and HP’s Pop Up sessions. The band are due to take the stage at London’s floating pub; Tamesis Dock, on Thursday 24th November 2011. This is set to be a very intimate gig: free of charge and no tickets required.

It only  seems fitting for the folk-pop band: with their poetic lyrics and rustic folk melodies perfectly matching the floating venue’s warm, inviting vibrations on the water. The band have grown not only in sound but in fan base too, and with the success of their recent album “Into the Murky Water”; anyone who missed out on the chance to see them live and so intimately would be mad. I say go along, even if you don’t like them (unlikely), you can say you’ve been on a floating pub! *cool*


Words: Ellie Rumbold.