Endless Knot

Endless Knot are a Coventry based celtic-folk ska and reggae band.  They have a lot of members and play a mad array of instruments.  Their album Streets Ahead is available now…

Matt Collins: Endless Knot’s Myspace page announces that Marc is on didgeridoos, whistles, harmonica, percussion and vocal duties, which is an immediately attractive prospect. Lots of harmonies and fiddly violin lines make for a foot tapping folk rock prospect, but the whole sound is let down by really cringy lyrics – “Walk with me / down by the river / talk with me / come on, ease your mind / you’ll never know what you might find” on Walk With Me has every cliche in the book. There’s some half-hearted protest folk in American Dream and trad folk-by-numbers England’s Soil. Some real feeling needed here.

Alice Sage: From American Dream’s awful pan-pipe music, with low-level Billy Bragg lyrics and bewildering ska beat, to Solstice Moon‘s mildly more listenable jig, with lyrics like a deadpan Waterboys – most tracks start out interesting, with a modern twist on the sound you’d expect (for instance ska beats and swirling electronic warbles on Make a stand, or the didgeridoo on Roots). Then the track downshifts, gets boring, and the singer starts some awful ‘hug the earth, love the flowers’ shtick, like Spinal Tap spoofing the Dubliners. Really not worth anyone’s time. Not musically, not stylistically, not even for a giggle.

Ian Parker: If you want to know what traditional celtic tunes would sound like set to some stronger beats, Endless Knot are your people. Fiddles, whistles, harmonicas and even a didgeridoo come together to create a noise which, while I’ll admit it’s not my kind of folk, is a decent crack at the genre. But where it all falls down for Endless Knot are some, well, awful lyrics. Cliches and forced rhymes jar the ears and let down a band who have refined their sound.

Listen to Endless Knot on their MySpace here

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