Interview | Introducing….The Fallows

Hello, please introduce yourself and your music to the uninitiated.

The Fallows are a Midlands/London-based band. We play foot-stomping country folk laced with Celtic fiddle with a rock attitude. We’ve been compared to the Avett brothers/the Levellers and the Waterboys as well as more recently “a grittier Mumford and Sons” who write and perform like their lives depend on it!

Tell us a bit about your latest release?

Our debut single ‘Front Row’ is a track taken from our album Face The Wolves. It’s a live favourite amongst fans and is often picked out in our album reviews.  It’s a rolling song about a small town in trouble and two youngsters planning their escape. Its released August 26th and the album is out on September 3rd as we plan  our assault on the radio and charts…

What was your best ever gig?

Very hard to say at this point. We take away different things from each gig. Sometimes the atmosphere, sometimes a brilliant sound, sometimes both.  But we value every set we’ve ever played and wouldn’t take one gig back. Ask us in 12 months and maybe we’ll have a clear answer. But we hope they all continue the way they have been so far.

What’s the worst thing about being a musician?

The toughness of the industry. There have been times in the past when learning  how much needs to be done is very daunting. The decisions you make, the disappointments along the way. It can all get to different members of the band at different times. We all pull together and keep each other’s heads up and focused. We learn every day about how things work in the business. So many factors to consider. But it’s all worthwhile when we launch into our first song of a set and all that melts away.

What inspires you ?

Passion. In any walk of life, any skill, sport or act. Without it there’s no point. I love meeting someone who’s passionate about what they are describing or doing. It rubs off on people and the energy can fill a room. Add that to a musical performance and you have one hell of a live show. So I’m always looking for that in music and art.

If you won a billion pounds what would you do with it?

Put it all on red.

Which of your songs is your favourite and why?

‘Annecy’. This song really reflects how the band writes. The style, the attitude and the lyrics. It’s great to play live and really gets the room going. It’s also about things that mean a lot to members of the band and was written when the band was a 2 piece.  It’s a very passionate and heartfelt number.

What are you plans for the future?

Well like any aspiring band, we want to become full time musicians and leave the day jobs. We plan to get a song or two to radio, take more bookings and festivals and sell some records. This band was never started or planned to reach where we have. It kind of just has. We are very grateful to have the support and belief in our corner from important people and companies. We take nothing for granted and know how far we have still to go. So we will keep our heads down, working hard and writing. Our approach has done well so far so hopefully we can take the next step now!

Finally, we’re always looking to expand our musical horizons. Do you have any recommendations of bands or artists we should be looking out for?

There’s a Coventry band called Flygone who are onto a good sound. It’s rare to hear and they nail it. There is work to do but they are modest lads who we think may have struck oil with what they are doing. They are great to watch, and young. I’m excited for them to be honest.


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