Interview | Schmercury best album nominees the Secret Sisters

The Secret Sisters are Laura and Lydia Rogers from Muscle Shoals, Alabama. After getting the stamp of quality that is a Jack White-produced single, the sisters released their self-titled debut album. Our reviews editor Ian Parker said: “the Secret Sisters are not just steeped in the sounds of their native American south, they live and breathe them”

For Folk’s Sake: Congratulations, you’ve been nominated for a Schmercury Best Album award. How do you feel?

The Secret Sisters: Well, we’re just so honored!  This record-our very first one-has been so special for us.  It has given us so many incredible opportunities, and so much recognition.  We are so proud of what the record represents, and really humbled and excited to be considered for the award.  Especially considering all the other amazing albums that are in the running, it means a lot to us.  Thank you!!!

Have you paid much attention to the UK’s Mercury Music Prize nominations this year? What do you think of them if so?

To be completely honest, we haven’t had time to follow much of anything, other than our own tour schedule.  We did take a look at the nominations, and there are certainly some amazing artists and records nominated.

Aside from your own, what’s your favourite album on the Schmercuries list?

We both love the Fleet Foxes…such amazing music!

What album have we missed off the list?

We really loved Dylan Leblanc’s debut record, “Pauper’s Field.”  It is so tasteful and soothing, and his writing is extremely impressive.

How do you feel about your album now it has been released into the world?

We’re both extremely proud of our first record.  We believe that it really showcases our music heritage, and that it has given the world a taste of what the Secret Sisters are all about.  And in many ways, we are grateful to that record for having given us so many amazing opportunities.

Did you know it was special when you were making it?

We believed in it from the start.  But the main focus for us was to make a record that was fun, and one that we were proud of.  Everything else was second on the priority list.  We never realized it would give us so many great touring spots, so many wonderful shows, so many sweet-hearted fans.  But we knew that the music was timeless, and still relevant.

What do you think about the critics and fans’ reaction? Was it what you expected?

Honestly, we have been overwhelmed with the reaction we’ve received.  We figured we would just be a niche artist, and that only a handful of people would really get it.  But luckily, this music is universal, and people from all walks of life and people of all ages are responding to it.  But to this very day, it surprises us that people actually like it.  Because to us, our voices aren’t anything special, and the way we sing is just second nature.  We didn’t realize that we had anything special to share with anyone.  But it’s been an amazing process, and now we are more than happy to sing for whoever wants to hear us!

What’s your favourite album ever?

Oh my.  This question is like asking someone which of their children is the favorite.  I (Laura) really adore any of the Everly Brothers’ early records.  Lydia, on the other hand loves record such as Fiona Apple’s “Tidal,” or any Bob Dylan record.  There are just so many incredible artists who make amazing music, if our lives depended on it, I don’t think we could choose a favorite!

Do you have plans for your next album?

We sure do!  We’re touring until Christmas, and then in the early days of 2012, we’ll begin our second record.  We are going to write all of the songs on this record, and have been really trying to figure out what our true sound is.  We’ve got lots of new songs to put down, and we are really excited to go into the studio again.  Recording an album is just fun, and it’s different than being on the road, so we are both eagerly awaiting the recording sessions.  And we hope that everyone likes it!

We’re sorry that Barclaycard aren’t sponsoring us to give the Schmercuries winner a million pounds (we assume that’s how much the Mercury prize is). If they were, and we did, what would you do with it?

Ha!  No worries.  Money isn’t important, ’cause you can’t take it with you when you go.  However, if someone magically handed us a million pound award, we’d probably use it to pay off our personal debts (houses, cars, college loans), and then we’d probably consider purchasing our own tour bus, to make our travel a little easier.  And whatever was left over, we’d use to buy lots of cherry red lipstick.

Thanks again for the nomination!


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