Event Preview | Dot to Dot Festival – Nottingham 2016

Held over the second Bank Holiday Weekend in May (29th May 2016), Dot to Dot Festival returns for the 11th time to the city of Nottingham, the third and final stop of a three day party, encompassing the cities of Manchester and Bristol in the days prior.

Having been to two of the Dot to Dot’s held in Nottingham before, the organisation of the event has to be applauded. Well over 70+ bands, neatly timetabled in venues all over the city; some in bars, some in cafes, some in the rather more traditional gig surroundings of the Rescue Rooms and Rock City. This year, the quality of the bands is higher than ever. Here are some of the highlights, and the expected venues they will be playing in on the day.

Little Green Cars – expected venue Nottingham Rescue Rooms

Little Green Cars will be showcasing tracks from their newest LP, Ephemera, and bringing their Irish-Americana sound to the Nottingham faithful. Expect these to be playing one of the bigger stages at the event-they have a cult popularity and will be looking to further spread their message to more punters at the festival.

The Temper Trap – expected venue Nottingham Rock City

Known for more than that song (‘Sweet Disposition’), The Temper Trap return to these shores with a new LP in tow (Thick as Thieves), and are sure to provide the Nottingham crowds at Dot to Dot with singalongs, dancing and a gig not to be missed. These Australians have a knack at writing catchy melodies. Here is a great chance to catch them on the campaign trail for the new record.

Mystery Jets – expected venue Nottingham Rock City

After a three year break between the release of Radlands and last month’s Curve of the Earth, The Mystery Jets are back and sounding better than ever. Recent tracks, which have been beloved across the radio stations in the land, include ‘Telomere’ and ‘Bubblegum’; both which should go down a storm in Nottingham. Expect old favourites too. On their most recent tour, the band have been playing cuts including ‘Half in love with Elizabeth’, ‘Two Doors Down’ and ‘Young Love’. A must see.

Augustinesexpected venue Nottingham Rescue Rooms

For this writer, the main event of the Dot to Dot is Augustines. My review of their second, eponymous LP on this very site (http://www.forfolkssake.com/reviews/26525/album-augustines-augustines) says all there is to say about this band. Life-affirming, heartfelt, joyous. These boys are bringing their newest LP, This Is Your Life, over from the US, and are known for sets lasting well over two hours. It is unlikely they’ll get that time here, but in what little time they have, it is likely Billy McCarthy and co will give their blood, sweat and tears, and if given the right time slot, should provide a fantastic end to what promises to be a day full of new discoveries, rekindling with older bands, and good times a plenty.

I’ll see you all at the front!