#587 Stornoway – We Are the Battery Human

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tj-QXey3gPk&w=420&h=315]

While testing out speakers at a department store, I was introduced to ‘Zorbing’ by Stornoway. This introductory song led me to download all of Beachcombers Windowsill. Full circle, today’s song of the day is ‘We are the Battery Human’ by Stornoway, my favourite tune off of that album.

‘We are the Battery Human’ hits the nail on the head in two of the most important categories for the perfect song (for me at least); beautiful and relevant lyrics, and amazing, compelling, and different instrumentation.

‘We are the Battery Human’ is a commentary on societies addiction to technology. “We’re staying inside on this fine morning/Staying inside on this fine day/We’ll stare at a screen like every morning,” resonates with me. “We were born to be free range.” Simple. Beautiful. Accurate.

What first grabbed my instrumentation was the catchy intro banjo lick, which slowly builds as finger-picking guitar is layered beneath. The song slowly builds with the band singing uniform, then a bass drum, then an electric guitar, then the chorus. One of my favorite parts is the fact even though multiple voices are sining, harmonies don’t happen until the second chorus.

Hopefully this song will not only inspire you to download the entire discography of Stornaway (and let me tell you, totally worth it) but also to go outside and disconnect yourself from electronics because, after all, we were born to be free range.