Video round-up: Joni Mitchell, Melodica, Melody & Me, Local Natives, Johnny Flynn…

Joni Mitchell – California

It’s Joni Michell week here at FFS so it’s only right to start with a Joni video. This BBC session performance of California was recommended to us by Nick Hemming from The Leisure Society (he of twice-nominated-for-the-Ivors fame. Ceremony’s tonight. Cross your fingers hold your toes). Joni’s voice here is simply stunning.

Family Band – Children

This rather eerie video from husband-wife outfit Family Band, perfectly suits the unnerving song, taken from forthcoming album Miller Path, reviewed by FFS’s New Bands Editor Ian Parker here.

Melodica, Melody & Me – Piece Me Back Together

On a totally different note, Melodica, Melody & Me’s sweet debut single ‘Piece Me Back Together’ is out on 12th May. This very pretty video shows the not-always-lovely areas of Brixton & Brockwell in a whole new light. You can download the band’s cover of Paul Simon’s Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes here.

Johnny Flynn – Kentucky

Poorly Johnny Flynn’s new single Kentucky Pill is available as a free download here. The frenetic video features a lot of couples smooching, a metal ping pong table that I *think* is round the corner from FFS HQ and some rather sweet moments in which Johnny tries not to laugh. Oh and a baby holding a chicken, which has made us a bit broody, if we’re honest. (For chickens).

Local Natives – World News

We love Local Natives here at FFS but this is a bit of a strange one. Firstly, it seems awfully similar in places to a recent Mumford and Sons video (see below). People in military uniforms lip-syncing to a track, again. Is that a cinematic allusion I don’t get? Answers below would be most appreciated. Secondly, chucking orange pop over girls in bikinis seems a bit cruel. It might go in their EYES.

Mumford and Sons – The Cave

See above.

Pete Lawrie – Paper Thin

This video is so beautiful. Made by Hettie Griffiths, it’s a cut paper stop motion affair. But charmingly crude it isn’t. It’s meticulously made, delicate and wonderful.

Rachael Dadd at Union Chapel

We’ve made no secret of our love for Rachael Dadd here at FFS. She’s one artists who blurs the line between traditional folk and new folk. Here her hauntingly beautiful voice is showcased to perfection in London’s Union Chapel.

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Home

LA Hippies ESMZ have distilled into a song with this gorgeous track, and the video lives up to it perfectly. The band say: “This video for Home is a collection of some of our favorite memories over the past few years. We hope it feels like Home wherever you are watching this.” Aw.