Author: Andy Regan

Andy Regan, or Pagan Wanderer Lu, is a songwriter and electro-indiepop musician from Cardiff. He writes classic British songs in the vein of Jarvis Cocker, Ray Davies, and Morrissey and filters them through a junkshop's worth of gadgets, synths, and stylistic left turns. His new album 'European Monsoon' is out now on Brainlove.

How to write a good song: Part Three: ‘Content’

A song shouldn’t mean nothing. It’s shouldn’t be a string of half arsed pseudo poetic metaphors cobbled together in isolation because they just sound good, padded out with truisms, clichés, trite observations, gossip and blank ‘Facebook status update’ style affirmations of the writer’s mood.

How to write a good song: Part Two – The Lyrics

Next time you’re in a supermarket, go up to a number of strangers and say ‘I want to hold your hand’. Do it in your most monotone voice. Let me know what happens.

Now try this – go up to them and sing ‘I wanna hold your hand’ by the Beatles. The first time you’ll sound like a stalker, the second time, well… probably just like some likeably eccentric nutter.

How to write a good song: An introduction

Performing and recording as Pagan Wanderer Lu, Andy Regan combines his electro-indie-pop music with clever, wry and sometimes political lyrics. Andy also writes at and has done a turn as a guest blogger for the Independent. Here he delves…