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Jeff Lewis gets his own TV show via Guardian website

The news by Jeffrey Lewis: now won’t that be a sight for sore eyes? Jeff is recording a series of news videos for The Guardian online, which will include comic books, limericks, and collaborations with such folk-type sensations as Laura Marling, Johnny Flynn and Herman Dune.

Jeffrey Lewis album – more details revealed

Jeffrey Lewis has a lot planned for 2009, but by far the biggest news is that his new album, ‘Em Are I’ is recorded, the artwork is done, and it’ll be in the shops in April. Lewis announced the details of the album, which will be available in CD, vinyl, and digital download formats, on his website.

Jeffrey Lewis moonlights as Guardian cartoonist

New York antifolk legend and all round swell guy Jeffrey Lewis has concocted a special Christmas comic book tale for the Guardian. It offers a rare and valuable insight into the philosophical musings of our pine-beneedled Christmas friends, and just in time too.

Jeff Lewis endorses Obama

Jeff Lewis has made an illustrated biography of Barack Obama. The anti-folk hero has created one of his sketchbook ‘films’ detailing the presidential candidate’s life and career.

Festival Review: End of the Road – Sunday

The last day of the festival began for FFS at the Garden Stage. Spirits were high –conditions underfoot were dramatically improved from the night before and the sun was showing its face once again. The Wave Pictures performed an accomplished and lively set which saw lead singer David Tattersal accidentally insulting his mother before dedicating scrumptious pop fiesta ‘Love You Like a Madman’ to her. I’d have forgiven him. There followed drum, lead and bass solos to showcase the not inconsiderable talent of this three-piece. Indeed, bassist Franic Rozycki’s solo was so good that Tattersal could not help but declare his surprise. Stand-out songs included ‘Now You’re Pregnant’ sung by drummer Jonny Helm, which featured these delightfully funny lines on the death of Johnny Cash: ‘And you say “It’s not like Elvis” / and you would be right’. For we sleepers-in, this was the perfect way to begin our Sunday. (Keep your eyes peeled for appearances from the members of the Wave Pictures in the ensuing account of the day. They really do get about a bit). [HT]

Jeffrey Lewis

Jeffrey Lewis: New York anti-folk royalty, Jeffrey Lewis specialises in sharp observations on life’s twists and turns which are brilliantly imbued with wit, humour and intelligence. Band Members: Jeffrey Lewis, Jack Lewis & David Beauchamp. Past Band Members: Helen Schreiner,…