Jeffrey Lewis album – more details revealed

Jeffrey Lewis has a lot planned for 2009, but by far the biggest news is that his new album, ‘Em Are I’ is recorded, the artwork is done, and it’ll be in the shops in April.  Lewis announced the details of the album, which will be available in CD, vinyl, and digital download formats, on his website

The album is due to come out on Rough Trade on April 20th, with a tour of the UK and Europe to follow.  Before this, Lewis will be embarking on a mini-tour of New York with Dufus, followed by a tour of Australia supporting Darren Hanlon.

Details about the content of the album are sparse at best, but rest assured folk fans, when we know, you’ll know.

**UPDATE 3/3/09**

The tracklisting has just been announced and is as follows: 

Slogans, Roll Bus Roll, If Life Exists, Broken Broken Broken Heart, Whistle Past The Graveyard, To Be Objectified, The Upside-Down Cross, Bugs And Flowers, Good Old Pig Gone To Avalon, It’s Not Impossible, Mini-Theme: Moocher From The Future.

And while we’re at it on the Jeff front, this isn’t news, but check out his comic (with words by John Darnielle) which came with The Mountain Goats’ 2008 album Heretic Pride here

Words: Helen True and Lynn Roberts