Terry Emm

Album | Terry Emm – Starlight


Starlight – the third album from Bedfordshire’s Terry Emm – comes two years after the dark moods of Petals Fallen Off The Sun. This time out, we find Emm in a more reflective and happier place with the added help…

#365 Terry Emm – Starlight


Terry Emm continues to drip feed songs from his new record, which is due later in the year. ‘Starlight’, out now as a digital single, is the third song we’ve heard from the album of the same name, channelling the…

#42 Terry Emm – Loved And Never Lost


File Terry Emm on the list of the criminally underrated. The Bedfordshire songwriter has put out two fine, fine albums of a gentle folk music which has strong echoes of the English greats, and despite a wealth of critical acclaim,…