#655 The Milk Carton Kids – New York

American indie-folk duo the Milk Carton Kids have received praise for their ability to continue the folk tradition with their flat-picking, harmonies, and ingenious song writing. NPR has described their approach to music as “gorgeous contemporary folk” and “Gillian Welch & David Rawlings-meets-Simon & Garfunkel with a splash of The Everly Brothers.” A further introduction and description of the duo is unnecessary because those familiar with those artists above and/or the prestigious organization that described the band as such, should already be interested. ‘New York’ is an excellent representation of their soft, almost whispering, and beautiful melodic harmonies. They show an impressive restraint in terms of vocal and instrumental dynamics. Lyrically, the song is longing and almost resentful, as it about leaving a toxic relationship to develop oneself.