#647 Langhorne Slim & The Law – Salvation

The Way We Move from Langhorne Slim & the Law was recorded in four days in a 100-year-old Greek Revival house in upstate New York. The juxtaposition between the genre of music recorded and the location it was recorded in is evident in the modern alternative-country instrumentation layered beneath Langhorne Slim’s (Sean Scolnick) raspy and roots voice.

This album as a whole is well worth listening to, and has many cuts that are deeper than the single ‘The Way We Move’, not least ‘Salvation’.

It starts off with acoustic guitar and a mellow banjo. The vocal melody is introduced and is delivered with great restraint. Light drums are introduced and then the song starts to take full form. The lyrics from the chorus are haunting and are very straight forward; “I tried to hold you, but my hands were cold / I tried to catch you, but I moved to slow / I hate to leave, but it’s time to go.” Langhorne Slim has crafted a beautifully haunting song that seems to be about a relationship that failed to quickly through fault of his own.

“And it’s no wonder how we got here;
In many ways, I wrote this script
By loading all our treasures
Into the belly of a sinking ship.”