#575 Eaves – As Old As The Grave

Song of the Day is back back BACK after a week hiatus. We hope you filled the week productively – but now there’s music to listen to. Chiefly, this: it’s ‘As Old As The Grave’, taken from Eaves’ debut EP of the same name. It’s a little bit Midlake, a little bit Fleet Foxes, and a whole lot intoxicating. Eaves explains: “I grew up in a town where it’s pretty easy to fall into the pace of the place. A lot of hard working people finish their day with drink and lose some ambition in the process, and before they know it a year has gone by and they’ve rarely left the county. The older I get I start to realise that it’s not a phenomenon. And more and more I find myself trying to avoid the same trappings. It’s an ancient routine of the working class and I guess it’s pretty hard to shake off. ‘As Old As The Grave’ touches on that and my own dealings with alcoholism.” The EP is out on November 10.