#547 Maggie Rogers – Little Joys

Despite being only 20, Maggie Rogers is already on to her second album, Blood Ballet. It documents her life since moving to New York City to attend the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music. We love the oppressive feel to this track, which perfectly captures what it’s like to be overwhelmed by a new city, and to find joy in surprising places. Rogers says of the song: “My life has changed in many ways since moving to New York City. The city, like my 20-year-old brain, can be messy, but it is the small moments throughout my days that have allowed me to sustain a sense of momentum. It is the violinist on the L Train and the morning musings from the eccentric man that lives in my building. During that period of transition when change was hard and home was far, it was the small things and I was a big mess of little joys.”