#527 Exclusive | Octopuses – Cool Story Bro


Ahhh, well this is just tremendous. The new Octopuses video shows Adam Bell from the band reminiscing about an appearance on a Top Of he Pops-style show in their imagined 1980s heyday. And it’s great. Bell says the new track is a more serious song than previous efforts “with a sinister, aquatic groove”. He says: “The song is built around the vocal refrain, ‘It’s a long way down to the bottom of the ocean’, which rises to a euphoric trumpet solo and final repeating chorus.” That makes the video – written and directed by Fred Burns and David Peter Murphy, and filmed at the Lick Warehouse – feel all the more extraordinary. Available as part of a four-track cassette from Lick Music, it’s a perfect package and the best thing Octopuses have come up with to date. Cool story, bros.