#501 Bear’s Den – Elysium

As videos go, it’s a remarkable story. Filmmaker Marcus Haney was charged with making a video for his friend’s band Bear’s Den, and reckoned filming his brother’s end-of-term celebrations at the Seattle Pacific University would be a winner. And so it was proving as he captured their coming of age, breaking loose as they smoked, drunk, and even gave each other homemade tattoos. But then in the middle of it all, lone gunman Aaron Ybarra opened fire in the middle of campus, killing the 19-year-old Paul Lee – a friend of Marcus’ brother – and injuring two others. Everything else is caught on film. The full fascinating story is here. No further reason to explain, then, why this video has had such a massive reaction, but don’t forget to listen to what is a rather fine song too, out next week as a single.