#300 Nicole Atkins – Girl You Look Amazing

If Nicole Atkins’ new track sounds a little poppier than you remember from her bluesy 2011 record Mondo Amore, then maybe the story of its creation will help explain. “This song actually came to me in a dream,” Atkins said. “It was being played in a big dance club and David Byrne was singing it.” But look through the gloss and it still has a dark heart. “It took a while to figure out what “girl you look amazing,” could mean as I’ve never been one to be that positive,” she adds. “So I wrote it about a girl who is the last one to shut the party down. Who’s life is just an absolute mess. She might look amazing but she misses all the real things that used to make her happy.” The track is taken from Atkins’ new record, Slow Phaser, which is due in February.