#256 Lapland – Metal Lungs

Continuing the sort-of-but-not-actually-Christmassy theme started by Johanna Glaza’s ‘Shall I Be A Saint’ winter wonderland yesterday, we present: Lapland. Christmas sceptics fear not, though: the festive feel pretty much ends with the moniker of Brooklyner¬†Jesse Mease’s musical project¬†as there’s not much Christmas cheer in a track called ‘Metal Lungs’. The 60s harmonies are the standout feature of this perfect slice of dream pop, which constantly veers from threatening to comforting with lines like: “I’m not the first who’s known your curse/I’m not the last that you’ll lay to waste/But I don’t know why I need you/You do the strangest things to me…” ‘Metal Lungs’ is out in December.