#153 Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson – Buriedfed

“Hey, is Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson still alive?” reads a message posted on his rather desolate Facebook page. “I hope so, I hope he is well. Love his music, could use some more.” It has been a legitimate question. A man who arrived in a blaze of talent and potential with the release of his eponymous debut in 2008 came with a troubled past, a history of addiction and sleeping on benches in Coney Island, and when he disappeared just as quickly following 2009’s Summer of Fear, the longer his Twitter and Facebook silences continued, the more the question lingered – where in the world was Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson? And, really now, was he okay? Happily, it seems we may soon have an answer, for the man himself is billed to appear at a festival in Antwerp this coming week. Let’s hope it means a third album he promised us more than once before disappearing is finally coming. But, first and foremost, let’s be thankful that he’s coming back at all.