#154 Louis Armstrong – St James Infirmary

Louis Armstrong, born on this day in 1901, might not be the first name you think of when you think of folk. Or the last, or anywhere in between. So why does he make the select list of great artists we at FFS have marked the birthdays of with a Song of the Day? It’s because of 14 words once uttered by this jazz master, way back when. “All music is folk music,” Louis said. “I ain’t never heard no horse sing no song.” Quite frankly, we love that sentiment. The music we love is the music that tells the stories of peoples’ lives, that documents the world around us to explain it more clearly to those of us in the here and now, and to tell that story to those that come after. And Armstrong’s music certainly did that. This may not be his best known work, but it is a record of real tenderness, of pain, and sorrow, and most of all of heart. Here’s to you, Louis, wherever your spirit may live on. Happy birthday.