#156 Fun Adults – For Water

Fun Adults are at the very beginning of what promises to be a long and interesting journey as a band, but they must already be sick of comparisons with Wild Beasts. Look, there’s another one. It may have been dressed up as a comment on all the comparisons with Wild Beasts, but it was actually a comparison with Wild Beasts. The similarities, superficially at least, are too striking to ignore. Most obvious is the vocal, but it’s more than that – the rich texture, the brooding atmosphere, the dynamic rhythm section. It’s no surprise to learn they too sprang from the Leeds music scene. There’s plenty here to distinguish them as their own band too – the jazzy undertones, notably, and an artfulness that comes out not just in the music, but also the beautifully animated video crafted by the band themselves. Fun Adults head out on tour in October before releasing their debut album later in the year. For details, check out the band’s Tumblr page.