#32 Mara Carlyle – I do – do not

Mara Carlyle’s latest recording, Befalling, sees her sing a selection of delicate wee songs (some of which are scorchingly brief) by composer¬†Emily Hall, with lyrics from novelist Toby Litt.

Delicious, classical (and, by implication, really rather classy), the mini album makes much of Carlyle’s soprano tones across seven short, sad poems set to music. They’re perfect for the earbuds of a delicate-souled folk fan.

‘I do – do not’ is full of longing – lonely nights stretched out in taut loneliness atop the growling rage of a cello. It’s proper beautiful, as is the whole recording.

Ms Carlyle has a rather famous cheerleader, too (imagine him in gym shorts grasping pompoms whilst you read):

Jon Snow Mara Carlyle