#19 Leanne Harte – Restless Sleepers

Leanne Harte – Live @ Tamp & Stitch from Bob Gallagher on Vimeo.

Dublin-based Leanne Harte already has a list of accolades as long as her rather capable arms, but for some reason her music hasn’t had the best of luck swimming across the Irish Sea as yet.

All hail the internet, bridger of large bodies of water and disseminator of song! We find, via its magical wires, that Harte’s alarmingly addictive, gently lulling voice wields the jagged knife of dead love in a velvet glove. And we like it.

‘Restless Sleepers’ is the title track from Leanne’s forthcoming EP, which she plays acoustically from some manner of wardrobe. She’s also sitting in front of a jolly nice panda t-shirt, so there’s something here for everyone really.