#27 Fleet Foxes – Battery Kinzie

With a voice and an outlook older than the universe, Robin Pecknold has somehow managed to adopt a Benjamin-Button approach to ageing. He’s turning 27 today, according to official records, but we can be pretty certain this is nonsense. He’s as old as time, this guy.

Aside from being rather strangely named, ‘Battery Kinzie’ is an absolute mammoth of a song driven by a rousing rhythm that insistently keeps pace through its walking, wandering subject matter.

Shot through with imagery of rotting flesh and fading sight, it somehow manages to conjure up burning, hopeful sunrises, shooting light through darkness and decay “all the way home”.

In fact, listening to all of Helplessness Blues would be an impeccable way to spend an hour of your day.

Happy Birthday Robin you impossible, wonderful, man.