#9 Sukh – Kings

There’s a close link between science and music, something that can be proved scientifically using that following random sample: 1 Professor Brian Cox; 2 Sukh. If that isn’t statistically significant, FFS will hand back its PhD in advanced sciency things immediately. Sukh is a doctor. This clearly isn’t enough of a challenge for him, though, so in is spare time he makes short films. Oh, and on top of that, he writes, performs and produces dreamy, jangly folk pop like ‘Kings’. Naturally, there’s an adorable video to accompany it too. It’d be easy to dislike him if it wasn;t all so good. According to the press release which accompanied the video: “Sukh admits that there are elements of Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist Viktor Frankl’s ‘man’s search for meaning’ in his thought process. Frankl’s speech about aiming higher than reality is partially where the notion of Kings came from.” Or as D:Ream might put it: Things Can Only Get Better.