Session | Rev Simpkins – In The Marsh a Desert

Change of scenery today as we welcome the Reverend Matt Simpkins to the sessions. Rev Simpkins new album Saltings is one of the records strongly linked with a particular place, in this case the salt marsh wildnesses of Essex. So we thought it was only appropriate to pay a visit and film a performance on the marshes themselves.

Working as a parish priest, Matt saw first-hand the human cost of COVID-19 and the impact of lockdown measures on his community. He visited the saltings to retreat and it was there he began to compose an album of songs weaving together real-life experiences of the pandemic with tales of the legendary and mysterious figures of the saltings. This first track refers to Saint Cedd, a 7th century bishop, whose church still stands although admittedly only because it made a very handy barn for several centuries.

Matt is joined by Tom Knight on the bass. Tom also provided the artwork for the album and illustrated an accompanying book with art for each song along with lyrics and other writing (I have a copy, it’s very nice). You can find that over on Bandcamp.

You can also find the album on Spotify and keep up with Rev Simpkins over on Facebook and Twitter.