Premiere | Nick Nace – Someday is Too Far Away

Nick Nace recalls, “‘Someday Is Too Far Away’ is about getting the runaround when it comes to love, having that moment of clarity, and deciding you’re not going to put up with it anymore.” Indeed; the Americana artist’s latest single is stitched with heartache. His yearning croon stands front-and-center alongside a march-along beat, distant guitar and fiddles musically accentuating a feeling of distance.

It’s another cut from off of his upcoming album, The Harder Stuff, recorded at Paul Moak’s Smoakstack about a year after the songs of which it’s comprised were written in Canada. Although one tune on the album is firmly about the pandemic throughout which Nace developed it, an overarching sense of solitude pervades it. Nace knows heartbreak, and he knows the clarity that comes after. We’re better for bearing audience to it.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm