Session | Cara Ludlow – Hyperion

Today’s session comes from emerging Welsh singer-songwriter Cara Ludlow, playing the title track from her debut EP Hyperion.

The rather lovely EP comprises of three reflective, contemporary folk songs in which Cara draws on themes from John Keats’s epic poem ‘The Fall of Hyperion: A Dream’.

“The record explores themes of fragility and resilience, innocence and experience, and how we respond to suffering and change. This might be falling in and out of love, the shattering of the ego when our lives are upturned by unexpected events, or the process of simply growing up and trying to define yourself and your own voice.”


The recording was part of Tŷ Cerdd records CoDI DIY project that brought together nine Wales-based artists for mentoring and collaboration. It was here that Cara met, and recorded with, The Mavron Quartet who provided the strings on the EP.

You can find the EP over on Spotify and the other usual places, or buy a physical CD over on Bandcamp. And keep with Cara over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.