Session | Basia Bartz – Black Horses

As vaccines are in arms and lockdowns lift, it’s time to get the For Folk’s Sake sessions started again.

And the first guest of this new run is the multi-talented Basia Bartz. This is actually Basia’s 2nd visit to the studio, having previously playing violin alonside Catherine Rudie, which is just one of the many musical projects she’s involved in.

But she also writes and plays under her own name. Her first release, ‘A Girl At Dusk’, was a re-imagining of a Polish folk song and simiarly, today’s track is a Polish folk song from the Lubelszczyzna region. It’s title ‘A gdzież moje kare konie’ translates as ‘Where, oh where are my black horses?’, or just ‘Black Horses’ for short. The song is a combination of vocals, violin and percussion, all passed through a variety of FX pedals and looped to slowly build up the full soundscape.

Keep up with Basia over on Facebook, Bandcamp, Spotify and her own site.