Session | Vicky Sometani – Perfume

How are we all doing out there? Still afloat? There doesn’t seem to be much sign of winter stopping anytime soon, but at least it’s provided us with the perfect excuse to stay cosied up indoors listening to new music. We’ve got just the thing with Vicky Sometani’s gorgeous rendition of her original song, ‘Perfume’.

Having lived a restless life in the US involving regular relocations before making the move to the UK from Chicago a couple of years ago, Vicky, like so many others, has found a solace and a much needed consistency in her love of music. With her incredibly distinctive bluesy vocals, a delivery that is at once authoritative and soft and her emotive lyrics, she lays bare those feelings of uncertainty, heartbreak and loss that partner an unsettled lifestyle and turns it into a cathartic experience for both herself and the listener. There’s something incredibly soothing about this performance – perhaps it’s the warm electric guitar, the lazy rhythm of her finger-picking or the beautifully dreamy backing-vocals. With her unique blend of jazz and folk, Vicky manages to create a sound that is both passionately soulful and blissfully understated – the perfect, calming tonic to stormy weather.

Vicky unveiled her debut single ‘Breeze’ towards the end of last year, and there’s more to come in 2020. Until then, be sure to catch one of her live performances around London. No doubt we’ll be seeing more of her before the year is out.

Find Vicky over on Spotify and Facebook. If you’re quick off the mark you can catch her today (7 March 2020) with band in Clapham.