Session | The People Versus – Like I’m Lonely / Driftwood

Are you aufait with ‘museum-pop’? Me neither, but I think I’d like to hear more after this session from The People Versus. Two songs for the price of one, ‘Like I’m Lonely / Driftwood’ is a fresh-out-the-box track from their brand new EP, Ground Opening, to be released physically and on download on the 29th of this month.

The normally 5 piece band are also pretty new, having only been forged from pub sessions and the Oxford open mic scene a mere 6 months ago. However, you’d never have guessed that they are a fledgling project after such a tightly executed and assured performance. Lead-singer Alice’s vocals are truly bewitching, with a soft fragility in their tone counteracted by an assertive, persuasive delivery. Accompanied by vocal harmonies, beautifully subtle and melodic cello and some impressive guitar work, ‘Like I’m Lonely / Driftwood’ provides a very strong debut for the band. The melody is transportive, with constantly sweeping highs and lows that keep the song moving and shifting whilst never allowing the lead vocal line to get lost or confused.

The People Versus profess to draw their remarkable lyricism from many sources, ranging from their dreams to Shakespeare tales and Greek Myths, suggesting that their songs aren’t just pretty melodies, but stories worth paying attention to. If this is what they’ve offered up after only 6 months then we’re really excited to see what the band have in store for the future.

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