Single | Stephen Babcock – Willow Tree

Photo Credit: Jackie Vissat

Stephen Babcock began as a fledgling singer-songwriter at 13-years-old. Growing up in a large family with three siblings, he had plenty of inspiration to build upon his art form early-on between his older brother, a music enthusiast, and his father, a pianist. From humble beginnings, Babcock flourished as an artist into adulthood, finding acclaim for the sparks of Southern rock and folk that form the base upon which his brand of Americana stands.

‘Willow Tree’ is the latest from Babcock; betwixt its haunting melodies and rolling percussion is a story fairly inspiriting. As he recalls in a recent Facebook post, “Growing up, my parents had an old willow tree that sat by the edge of our house. Being that it was one of the first trees to be planted there, it always felt special to me. This song is not only about that special family tree, but also about my parents. Much like the willow, they have stayed strong through thick and thin. This song is my chance to tell a little of their story.”

Words by: Jonathan Frahm