Session | Grace Gillespie – Human (Heart)

For today’s session, Grace Gillespie plays us a stripped down version of a recent single. The song is on theme of the the sense of uncertainty that follows from the selective representation prevalent on social media.

This was probably my first track born out of anger and frustration rather than sadness. The digital world allows people to see little sections of you never the whole picture. It can lead to a lot of people getting disillusioned on all sides and unnecessarily paranoid.

Because of this, I’ve often found myself unsure how I feel about something. It’s a common feeling, but as we are exposed to more and more information I think we have to stop talking about being in ‘two minds’ about something and instead talk about being in three, four, five minds or more! So, the first line is important: ‘I’m only trying to tell you how I feel’. The rest of the track is me trying to tell you how I feel, swiftly followed by the sharp realisation that I have no idea and will probably only truly know when it’s too late: ‘The best words for life are written in its own epitaph.’

Grace Gillepsie

Grace’s debut EP, Pretending, is out in July. The first song from that, the shimmering ‘I’m Your Man’, is already available and the 2nd single is out very soon.

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